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Only the Best for You and Your Home

Many homeowners/families lack the time or capacity to keep up with house cleaning. Dishes and laundry are one thing, but what about those cabinets, appliances, floors, baseboards, window sills, ceiling fans, high ledges, and all the icky things that accumulate in the nooks and crannies of your home?

We believe every homeowner deserves a clean home so you can enjoy time doing more of what makes life worth living – family, recreation, self-care, etc. It’s nice to be able to choose what to do with your free time!

Contact us today to schedule your judgment-free complimentary quote, and we’ll have your home sparkling and your anxiety lifted in no time! With our proactive, recurring maintenance, we promise to help you:

  • relieve stress,
  • free up time,
  • and make your home an enjoyable space to relax and entertain.
"The attention to detail and value this team brings is exceptional! I personally appreciate when the leadership of a company treats its clients and its employees with respect and kindness."
"I appreciate that the team cleans my home without the use of harmful or harsh chemicals so that the health of my family is protected."

Our Core Values

“The peace of mind it brings me to have even just one day a week where I can come home and enjoy my family makes all the difference in our quality of life.”

Jenn Tangeman, Owner / CEO

As a business owner and single mother of three, it’s Jenn’s mission to help create customized cleaning solutions to assist busy & overwhelmed families. She’s experienced firsthand the feelings of attempting to manage our busy lives and raise a family, all while keeping up with maintaining our homes.

Jenn has built an incredible team of trained professional home cleaners over the last decade to bring a better way of living to those in the Greater Kalamazoo community. Everything Clean By Design does is based on the core values of respect, integrity, empowerment, and community culture. “The best part of success is sharing it with others!” Jenn is incredibly grateful for her employees and fantastic clientele.

Outside of running Clean by Design, Jenn enjoys spending time with her children, Conner, 18; Lilly, 16; and Shawn, 15. She is a nature lover and enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking, traveling, and cooking.

A Few of Our Amazing Techs

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